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Chairman: Gordon Linnen

 Gordon Linnen he is currently chairman of the Scottish Cat Club. He has been involved in the cat fraternity for over 20 years and has assisted at many show also helping his wife Wilma with cat rescue for aver 20 years.

Secretary/Membership Secretary: Tammy Linnen

Tammy Linne is currently secretary of the Scottish Cat Club, she became involved in the cat club a number of years ago when she rescued a pedigree cat and has subsequently gained more experience in club affairs.

Treasurer: Wilma Linnen

Wilma Linnen is currently treasurer of the Scottish Cat club. Wilma has been involved in cat shows and committees for several years and have gained lots of experience with in the cat show world.Wilma and her husband Gordon were involved in cat rescue for over 20 years.

Trophy Secretary: Margaret Anderson & Elizabeth Allison

Both Margaret and Elizabeth are currently the trophy secretaries of the Scottish Cat Club. Both have been involved in the cat world for several years and have played a key part in the running of the Scottish Cat club.

Show Manager: Heather McRae

Heather McRae is currently the show manager for both the Scottish and the West cat club. Heather has been our show manager for 3 years and has done a spectacular job so far and hopefully will work with us for many years to come.

committee members

Linda McIlree

Tommy Mcllree

Richard McRae

Dee Carrick

Isabelle Walker